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품목 cold rolled steel
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Mineral & Metal Stocks

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cold rolled steel

Detail Product Info :
I'm from Turkey. Our company is Machine Mold Industry. Company was established in 1998 in Bolu. We are working on metal mold's production and sheet metal shaping. We are using cold rolled sheet metal. In Turkey our sheet metal code is 6112 CCR. The universal code is DC01. I need 5 different width but all will be 1 mm thickness and same quality. Widths are; 46 mm (10 tons), 50 mm (5 tons), 65 mm (10 tons), 70 mm (5 tons), 112 mm (10 tons). Can you please send me your offer according to their tons, widths and thicknesses.

Thank you.
Best Regards
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전화번호:  0260004414


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