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품목 SFC8000
신청기간 17.07.28 ~ 17.08.04 회사명 Tan社 국가 베트남
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Fiber Optic Equipment

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Dear Sir !

We special impression 2 model switch!
1. Model
1 : SFC 8000HP : 30pcs (FOB price )
2. Model
2 : SFC 4000HP : 20pcs (FOB price )
3. Model
3: SFC 4500A: 10 Pcs (FOB price )
4. Accessories
SFP 1,25G MM or SM

The first time, we import small qty, after test it ok, we import more

P/s : We don’t purchase with Distributor more cost not compare with other brand ! We want to purchase it direction from manufacturer

Thanks best regard !!!

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