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품목 Maple wooden flooring for indoor sports hall
신청기간 18.01.27 ~ 18.02.03 회사명 Int社 국가 사우디아라비아
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Dear Sirs,


We are writing to your company for the purpose of getting a quotation to supply Maple wooden flooring.
First, please be informed that it would be installed inside indoor sports hall in accordance with the International norms.
Second, the total size would be 1128 sqm in full.
Flooring must be equipped with side endings and be compatible in shape.
It is formed as follows:

1- A layer of Flexible rubber base - 10mm thickness
2- A layer of supporting wood layer -24mm thickness
3- A layer of the treated bounded maple wood - 20mm thickness
The total thickness of the system is 54 mm
Furthermore, you are kindly requested to mention any required fittings or necessary accessories in your quotation.
Also, Kindly include in your quotation cost of shipment to Riyadh City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
And how long does it take to get it reached our destination?
Furthermore, what about warranty, please?

Thanks for your cooperation and quick reply in anticipation

Best regards,
General Manager

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담당자:  김정화 과장

전화번호:  0260004419


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